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Our Partners

CHCA has established strategic partnerships with key companies in the health information technology sector. Our partners enhance the technological and functional expertise of CHCA, allowing us to provide comprehensive and turnkey computerized solutions to the healthcare industry.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare

CHCA Computer Systems Inc. has entrusted GE Healthcare with the distribution of its Opera system within the European Economic Community, Asia and Middle-East. 

A distribution agreement was signed in 2001 with DEIO, a sister company of Datex-Ohmeda, a division of Instrumentarium Corporation (Helsinki, Finland), which is now the property of GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is a world leader in critical care management and intraoperative activities.

Other GE Certified Solution Providers (CSP) in Europe:

Sanitas in Austria
Oxygene care in Ireland


Gemedco SA

CHCA Computer Systems Inc. has entrusted GEMEDCO SA with commercial representation for its Opera system in Colombia.

A distribution agreement was concluded with GEMEDCO SA in October 2006 to conduct marketing and sales activities for Opera in Latin America and to strengthen CHCA's presence in this market.

GEMEDCO SA is a supplier and distributor of medical equipment for the Colombian healthcare sector and specializes in critical care management, diagnosis, sterilization, and best OR management practices.

SAC Clinics and Trading

To carry on its marketing activities for Opera and to strengthen its presence in Latin America market, CHCA concluded an agreement with SAC Clinics and Trading, on November 2007, for the distribution of Opera system in Chile.

SAC Clinics and Trading, which is part of the holding International Clinics, is a well-known supplier of healthcare related equipment in Chile. It has a presence in the principals Chilean's urban centers and its activities are concentrated in both public and private sectors.


CHCA Computer Systems and Instrumentarium collaborate on implementation projects for surgical instruments' traceability systems within the Canadian hospitals. The combination of their products and services offers to health establishments' quality, expertise and a unique know-how on the market.

Instrumentarium is an instruments supplier and consulting services, which covers all surgical specialties. ISO 9001 certified the firm is considered as a leader of the Canadian healthcare industry.

Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.

CHCA Computer Systems Inc. and Advanced Medical Optics have pooled their products and services to offer operating rooms providing ophthalmology surgical services a unique traceability and supply chain management program.

Advanced Medical Optics is a medical/surgical device leader dedicated to the discovery and delivery of innovative vision technologies. The company focuses on developing a broad suite of innovative technologies and devices to address a wide range of eye disorders. These devices range from surgical equipment and materials to prostheses.